Representing Pyrmont in NSW

Coat of Arms of New South Wales

An early and spectacular representative of Pyrmont was Tipperary-born Daniel O’Connor, butcher, rash speculator and flamboyant orator.

After serving in the City Council he sat in the Legislative Assembly until 1891, campaigning against Chinese immigration, and advocating democratic measures. His advocacy for Catholic schools earned him a black eye – and local popularity.

When he lost his seat in 1891, he was appointed to the Legislative Council until he was bankrupt (again). Reappointed in 1895, he resigned in 1898. In a 1900 by-election he regained Phillip to continue his flamboyant political career.

Matthew Harris also combined the Legislative Assembly with local government, over two terms, 1894-1901.  He failed to carry an ambitious project to unite Sydney’s local authorities into a body with much greater powers than the separate councils enjoyed.

His brother John Harris also served in the House of Assembly, 1877 – 1880 in West Sydney, and later in South Sydney.

Dublin-born Andrew Joseph Kelly was Labor member for Lachlan from 1891 to 1913 as well as an Alderman. He was the member for West Sydney from 1891 to 1894, Member for Denison from 1901 to 1904 and for Lachlan from 1904 until his death in 1913.

Pat Hills was Lord Mayor in 1954 when he was elected in Phillip, with two missions: to buttress Catholic support for Labor, and clean up the party. By the time he retired in 1988 he had achieved the first.


Sydney City – 1856-1859, 4 members

West Sydney – 1859-1894, 4 members

Sydney-Pyrmont – 1894-1904, 1 member

Pyrmont –1904-1913, 1 member

Phillip – 1913-1920 – 1 member

Sydney - 1920–1927, 5 members

Phillip – 1927-1981, 1 member

Elizabeth – 1981-1988, 1 member

Port Jackson – 1991-2007, 1 member

Sydney - 2007–present, 1 member