The Star

The Star entertainment complex (formerly Star City Casino and before that, Sydney Harbour Casino) was built on the site of the Pyrmont Power Station, and retains some of the original structure.

The site, like much of Pyrmont in the 1990s, was derelict until it was redeveloped, a project not widely welcomed. The mood of the community was captured on one of the Power Station walls:

Pyrmont’s disappearing fast
Under concrete & glass
All gone for profit for plunderin
Tho we really wanna stay developers forcin us away
And now homeless we’ll be wandering

In 1994, a consortium won New South Wales’s first casino licence. A temporary casino opened in 1995 on the former wharves 12/13. The permanent casino, designed by Philip Cox, opened in November 1997. In 2009 an expansion program was announced, which reoriented the building towards Sydney Harbour. In September 2011 the complex reopened as “The Star”.

Management has taken steps to repair The Star’s image, highlighting hotel accommodation, Lyric Theatre, food court and restaurants as elements of an entertainment complex, not just a casino. A program of community grants identifies and supports local charitable and cultural projects, including this website. Implicitly these actions contrast The Star with the saga of the Barangaroo Casino complex.

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