Pyrmont Congregational Church

Pyrmont Congregational church

The Pyrmont Congregational Church originated in the 1880s when the Rev. James Buchan, launched a campaign to build a church. In 1888 two memorial stones were laid, and the church building – an impressive construction at the corner of Allen and Harris Streets – was completed in 1889. It was patronised by the Harris and Fairfax families, and also created links with the Sydney Ragged School. Buchan served as pastor until 1920, the year before he died. During his term, the transformation of Pyrmont from a residential to an industrial centre created problems.  Many worshippers travelled long distances to attend services, but Buchan’s death was a serious blow. The church survived but lost its congregation, and is mainly mentioned in the newspapers as a polling booth and a meeting place for the local Loyal Orange Lodge.  The last service was held on 15 December 1926. The building has now disappeared.

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