MustardSeed Uniting Church

In 1996 a small group, the MustardSeed, led by Robin Davies, began meeting in St Bede’s Church. The Ultimo church building fell vacant as the Dutch congregation dwindled and moved away, so the MustardSeed negotiated with Uniting Care (which had taken control) and in 1997 gained access. “Kafe Kirk” began once a month as a café style church (coffee, cake and conversation) with regular service on other weeks.

The MustardSeed became a Uniting Church Faith Community and Davies a Community Minister in 2002, but the Presbytery decided to close the church as the floor was unstable. Heroic fundraising permitted repairs, and it was rededicated in 2006. It has become a flourishing and vital community church.

In 2015 after 19 years Robin Davies retired, and David Gore succeeded her.



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