Jacksons Landing

Jacksons Landing is a mainly residential complex at the northern tip of Pyrmont. When CSR decided in 1990 to close its Pyrmont operations, the company consulted and contracted the Lend Lease Corporation to redevelop the whole industrial site as a single residential estate. Like other developments of the same vintage, it is a planned residential community in which 21 separate stratas (three of them commercial) share common facilities (swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts and meeting rooms). A Community Association manages the common property, and each strata has a Strata Committee.

The first buildings were complete just before the Sydney Olympics (winter 2000, and the last opened in 2012. The planners and architects took some trouble to repurpose CSR’s buildings whenever possible, and to create signage to describe and evoke Jacksons Landing’s industrial heritage. Much of this is captured in the Jacksons Landing history website.

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