Cadi Park

Cadi Park is largely enclosed within Jacksons Landing, frequented by fitness coaches and on-leash dogs as well as casual visitors. It is a grassy amphitheatre bounded by apartment blocks and Johnstons Bay. It is best approached on foot or by bicycle, on a wide boardwalk which encourages people to walk around the whole harbour. Well considered signage, text inlays and a reinstated yellow crane stop and crane rail illustrate the area’s history as a Colonial Sugar Refinery (CSR) wharf.

In 2003 Lend Lease and an energetic resident, Barbara Mackay-Cruise, organised the first of ten Jacksons Landing Christmas celebrations – five in Cadi Park and five in Refinery Square. The events in Cadi Park were quite elaborate, with seating in the natural amphitheatre, bands playing from an aquashell off-shore, and choirs on the boardwalk.

When the event evolved into something simpler technically, and more inclusive socially, the event moved to Refinery Square, and then (as Christmas in Pyrmont) to the Pyrmont Community Centre, John Street and John Street Square.