Wentworth Park Games

Ball games for everyone

In 2009 Blackwattle Cove Coalition, a group with representatives from community groups in Pyrmont, Ultimo and Glebe, resolved to work with the Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Trust to make Wentworth Park more accessible to its neighbours. One action was to stage the Wentworth Park Games, which became an annual event from 2009 to 2012.

Their purpose was to bring people together from Pyrmont, Ultimo, Glebe and Forest Lodge in happy rivalry.  To celebrate the history and upgrading of the park there were races for pet dogs (except greyhounds) scampering on the greyhound track for the Wenty Mongrel Cup.  Elsewhere in the complex were displays of historic photographs, retired greyhounds waiting for adoption, games for children and adults, and (in 2011) a display of vintage midget racing cars that had raced in the park in the 1930s.