Serious Stabbing Affray

One winter evening in 1906, Charles Ritchie was assaulted on the corner of Pyrmont Street and Pyrmont Bridge Road. His young friend, George Bennett, was incensed that a youngster had attacked a disabled old man, and gave chase. He caught the bully and a fight erupted, in which Bennett was stabbed. He staggered to O’Donnell’s hotel, and the proprietor called the police.

Two constables stopped a blood-spattered suspect on Union Street, took him to the police station, and charged him with inflicting grievous bodily harm. They did not accept his explanation for the blood, that the push had “dealt it out to him”.

Bennett’s wounds were treated at Sydney Hospital – two deep stabs in the left breast, the muscles of his right arm almost severed and a blow to the head.  His condition was so critical that his dying deposition was taken.

George Bennett was 25 years old, living in M’Creadie Street.

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